Accommodation at the Die Oord PV3 consists of 18 houses where males and females reside in each house under strict supervision of a housemother.  The general daily care of the residents continually receives the highest priority.  Here, housemothers play a very crucial role, maintaining supervision as well as rendering assistance to the residents where necessary.  As the residents age they require more and more assistance with menial tasks such as shaving, brushing teeth, washing hair and even making beds.  The housemothers are also responsible for the sorting of washing for the laundry and residents enjoy lending a hand with this task.

In our fully equipped kitchen, our dedicated staff is kept busy preparing three balanced meals per day, which are enjoyed in the dining hall under supervision of the housemothers.  Residents receive their medication after every meal under supervision of the nursing staff and housemothers.

Die Oord PV3’s dedicated and well-trained nursing staff ensures that residents receive optimal medical care.  General medical problems are followed up and treated daily.  Blood pressure for patients on blood pressure medication is monitored and recorded on a regular basis and screenings are carried out from time to time in order to detect problems timeously.  The residents’ body mass are weighed regularly and monthly inspections ensure that the standard is maintained at the highest level.

Our well-equipped special care unit, has been in operation for the past 10 years and forms an integral part of Die Oord PV3.  This facility provides 24 hour care for residents and assures them a happy and peaceful retirement.