At Die Oord PV3, we believe that exercise and physical activity is crucial in assisting adults with intellectual disabilities to reach their potential, both physically and mentally.

Various long-term contract work, under guidance of instructors, is done by the residents for different contracting companies in the area.  Whenever an opportunity arises, we also accept short-term projects.

The instructors, with the assistance of their team of residents, also follow a weekly programme of maintaining the garden and the removal of rubble.  Residents are also involved in household tasks such as clearing tables after meals and washing dishes.

Residents with the necessary skills and capabilities are given ample opportunity to participate in various sport and cultural activities.  Teams compete in the annual swimming and athletic meetings against other centers and also represent Die Oord PV3 in a floor hockey league.  The annual Eisteddfod is well supported by the residents.

Recreation in the form of group activities takes place during the evenings as well as during the weekends.  This includes concerts, dances twice a week with the Spring dance, House concert as well as the annual Nativity play as the highlights of the year.  Friday afternoons are spent at the tuck shop and socializing under our large wild fig tree.

We also have our own hairdressing salon where residents can have their hair done or cut at a minimal charge.

Die Oord PV3 boasts a unique observation system.  Housemothers and instructors record their observations of each resident on an ongoing basis.  The clinical and supervising staff then studies this information to ensure that problems are detected at an early stage and resolved without any delay.

Die Oord PV3 indeed provides a sheltered environment where residents can maintain their self-esteem, individuality and live a worthy life.