Die Oord PV3

Geloof, Hoop, Liefde

Where Compassion Meets Community, and Every Day is a Journey of Joy and Growth.

Die Oord PV3

Die Oord PV3

Die Oord PV3 is a sanctuary for intellectually challenged adults, offering a lifetime of care in a home-like environment. Located near Hartbeespoort Dam, we provide secure housing, medical care, and meaningful work activities. Our mission is to offer a safe haven and our vision is to be self-sustainable while expanding our capacity. We’re more than a facility; we’re a community that cares.

Die Oord PV3

Home Away from Home

Die Oord PV3 goes beyond the typical institutional model by creating a genuine home-like atmosphere. Each of our 18 houses has a dedicated housemother, ensuring that residents not only receive the care they need but also experience the warmth and comfort of a family setting. This unique approach sets us apart, making us a true home away from home for intellectually challenged adults.


Die Oord PV3 Housing


Experience supervised, separate housing for men and women.


Die Oord PV3 Security


Benefit from 24/7 security and electric fencing for peace of mind.


Die Oord PV3 - Kitchen


Enjoy three balanced meals daily, prepared by our dedicated kitchen staff. Learn more.

Die Oord PV3 Medical Care


Receive quality medical care and regular check-ups from our trained staff.

Where Compassion Meets Community,
and Every Day is a
Journey of Joy and Growth.


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